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Getting a loan with LoanNow is one of the easiest ways to get money in your account fast. The online lending service creates a simple streamline for users online. If you are in a financial crisis today, consider the following loan options available by this popular service. The information provided will help you make an informed choice.

Installment Loans

This company’s installment lending provides a more natural way to borrow and pay back. They are closed-end loans that include fixed dates by which borrowers are to start and end. Borrowers value this experience because it gives them more control in how they may use the installment loans for their benefit. Those who are low in cash and need funding for life’s emergencies will find this option beneficial. It makes getting the cash you need quick and convenient. The best part is, there are no up-front fees. Prepay your loan without cost. As long as you have proof of employment and ID, you may qualify for up to $10,000. Even bad credit and no credit conditions are workable with these installment loans. Jump on the website to start your journey.

What Is The Process To Getting An Installment Loan From LoanNow?

Many banks include multiple steps to qualifying for a loan while in-store. This company makes it simple to complete the application and get your money from the comfort of your own home. The following steps will help you take out your first installment loan:

  • Jump on the official website
  • Immediately upon arrival, you will be greeted with the benefits of taking out a LoanNow advance. Simply scroll down to the portion of the screen that says, ‘How much do you need.’ This is where you may click the lever and set it to the Loan Amount you wish to have. Just below, you may also choose your Loan Length. When finished, click ‘Get Your Loan Now.’
  • Complete the rest of the application. This is where you will be required to input more information about yourself. Have your government-issued ID, social security information, and proof of income ready for review.
  • Get your loan approved. When your application gets an official approval, your lender will contact you. They will share all the details needed to proceed with your loan. Additional costs will be disclosed, including your Annual Percentage Rate, Interest fees, etc. This will vary from person to person. You may use this time to ask any questions you may have to get a clear idea of what will be expected.
  • Transfer funds to the bank account. After signing your closing documents over the internet, your lender will send your loan to your checking account. This may take at least one business day to process fully.

How Much Money Can I Get From LoanNow?

Applying for your first loan with this company is easy. It takes the hassle out of borrowing. If you are experiencing a financial crisis where you require money fast, this company is the perfect resource. You might be wondering just how much money you may borrow each time. Here are the options:

  • $1000 for 12 months
  • $1000 for 18 months
  • $1000 for 24 months
  • $2500 for 12 months
  • $2500 for 18 months
  • $2500 for 24 months
  • $5000 for 12 months
  • $5000 for 18 months
  • $5000 for 24 months
  • $10,000 for 12 months
  • $10,000 for 18 months
  • $10,000 for 24 months

These installment loans offer a wide variety of options, putting you in control of your finances. Choose according to your financial needs.

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Borrower requirements
  • Age 18years or older
  • Have regular income
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid bank account
Obtaining methods
  • Bank account
  • Credit or Debit card
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Does LoanNow Include Other Fees And Rates?

Any loan a borrower chooses, whether traditional or online, will include other fees that make it possible to borrow the money. Such fees include the personalized Annual Percentage Rate (APR), Interest Fees, etc., and this is entirely dependent on the individual’s financial health. Bad credit is welcome. Credit does not determine eligibility; however, it does help in deciding on such additional fees.

This company does not provide upfront details since such information is different from case to case. Nonetheless, general rates for the normal short-term loan are from 200% to 2,290%. A borrower may receive a rate within these limits based on how well loan payments are paid and which type of loan you are borrowing.

What If I Am Late On My LoanNow Payments?

This company encourages all customers to pay their loans within the agreements provided by their lender. This is important for the following reasons:

  • Debt Collection Calls – When the company recognizes a negative payment history, they will do their best to reach out to the borrower. This is conducted through phone calls, text messages, emails, and postal mail. They intend to connect with the borrower to find out if there has been any change on their part. The company wants to help its customers achieve their best financial status. It is a great idea to maintain honest communication.
  • Lower Credit – As mentioned previously, this company is available to help you build your best financial status. Lack of payment could hurt your credit scores and history. The company is within its rights to report non-payment to any of the three credit bureaus. Keep timely payments to build your score.

Is LoanNow A Credible Loan Company?

Yes. This company understands that a borrower will be skeptical. There are plenty of other companies that claim to help financially; however, they do not. The noise of the market could be confusing for those searching for the right personal lending service for them. Take a look at the reviews online to find out what other customers think.

What Are The Requirements For LoanNow Loans?

Before you proceed to complete the online application, you must comply with the following requirements.

  • You must be an adult 18 years or older.
  • You must reside in the United States.
  • You must have employment in which you were active for 90 consecutive days.
  • You must provide paystubs or any other proof of income.
  • You must provide a contact (email address and phone number)
  • You must have a pre-existing checking account to receive funds.
Advantages of LoanNow Loans
  • Receive Fast Service ;
  • Horrible Credit Is Good ;
  • Hassle-Free Loans ;
  • Kick Debt To The Curb ;
Disadvantages of LoanNow Loans
  • Credit Scores Are Vulnerable ;

Where Can You Get LoanNow Installment Loans?

To receive money through this company, you must reside in any of the following states in the US. These states include Alabama, California, Georgia, Illinois (coming soon), Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas (coming soon), and Utah. If you do not live in any of those states, your state might not accommodate such lending services.

What Documents Required For Online Loan Applications?

It is not more convenient than ever before to take out a fast loan. You can simply apply for thousands while in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to wait for hours on end. Avoid the long wait and apply online. All you need to do is begin the process on the website. Have the appropriate documents ready for review. These include:

  • Government-issued State ID, Driver’s License, or Passport
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of consistent employment
  • Proof of income from the establishment
  • Bank account information

Few applicants might need to provide more information for verification.

What Documents Required For In-Person Loan Applications?

If you choose to apply in-person, the same documents are required to bring. You must provide your proof of identity (state or driver’s ID), social security information, checking account, proof of income, and employment. Keep all information organized and ready for review. This will keep the entire process running fast.

What Are The Hours For LoanNow?

For more convenient support, the company only provides service online. This is so that customers will not have to fight long lines and store hours. The company does not have business hours. All applicants may visit the site at any time to apply for an installment loan. If you have any further questions or concerns, you should contact LoanNow on their telephone number 800-437-1875. Email address [email protected] The customer support team will handle each loan application with the best care.

Final Conclusion

Applying for your first installment loan might seem daunting. There are so many companies that offer lending services; however, they are not great choices for your financial future. Get your installment loan through this company to enjoy the peace of mind in having a large staff at work on your finances. Many people across the country depend on installment loans instead of traditional loans. There are zero upfront costs to start. The entire application process is easy, and borrowers receive their money fast. Getting cash does not have to be tough, especially for those with bad credit and no credit history. Apply on the website to find out why thousands of borrowers choose LoanNow. Regain control over your household finances by applying today!

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