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MoneyTree can help you get a variety of different loans in the case of an emergency. The loans are quickly approved and ensure that you get money in your account when you need it. If you’re worried about credit, they aren’t strict on their credit checks. Luckily, MoneyTree also provides multiple types of loans. If you can’t afford a specific payment plan, there are more options although some loans come with very high APR rates.

The general repayments are payday, but MoneyTree will work with you to get the payment schedule you need. We want to ensure that you get the help you need, especially if it’s in time of a crisis. So, we’ll be delving deeper into MoneyTree and its practices.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are short-term advances that are designed to give you emergency cash. They generally have a 30-60 day repayment schedule and should be paid back within one to two repayments. The amounts aren’t that big, but they have high-interest rates.

Installment Loans

If you can’t make the payday loan repayments, then an installment might be better. They have extended repayment periods with lower APR rates. Installment loans are perfect for when you need instant funds.

Title Loans

If you don’t have good credit or verifiable income, you can still qualify for a title loan. Title loans assess your car’s worth, but you must have them paid off and own them. When you sign over the title of your vehicle as collateral, you’ll be able to get an advance.

The amount will vary on how much your car is worth. You can set up a payment plan, but if you miss a payment, the loan company can legally take your vehicle away.

The Borrowing Process for MoneyTree Loans

Borrowing money from MoneyTree requires that you apply online. If you’re applying during normal business hours, a representative can get back to you in as little as one hour for your approval. The funds can take up to three days.

After you fill out an application, you will need to wait until MoneyTree contacts you. This will either be through email or a phone call. They will contact you through the information you provided. Once they contact you, you can look over the advance amount and terms.

Select the repayment schedule that works for you. If you can’t, ask a representative to speak about the repayment schedule. Once you’ve reached an acceptable repayment, you’ll finalize the contract by eSigning.

Funds from MoneyTree take up to three days to appear in your banking account. If you need immediate funds, you can also request a prepaid card bought from MoneyTree. Alternatively, you can also visit their walk-in stores to get money at their physical stores.

Maximum and Minimum Loan Amounts From MoneyTree

It’s hard to get an estimate on the maximum amount of loans from MoneyTree. The reason for this is because MoneyTree operates differently in each state. In some states, payday loans are limited to $700. However, in other states, they are limited to just $255.

The best way you can get an estimation of the maximum amount for each state is to check their website. Click on the state you’re loaning from and then use the sidebar to select the “loan” options.

Scroll down until you see “How much you can borrow” and click on it. This will tell you what the loan limit is, how it’s calculated, and the maximum amount they can provide.

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Borrower requirements
  • Age 18years or older
  • Have regular income
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid bank account
Obtaining methods
  • Bank account
  • Credit or Debit card
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What Are The MoneyTree Loans Loans Rates & Fees?

Yet again, MoneyTree rates and fee amounts change by state. For a general guide, the average number of fees charged for setting up an advance is $18 to $20 per $100 loaned. Aside from that, you will need to pay a one time fee, which ranges from $30 to $143.

Interest rates are dependent on what state you’re borrowing from and also the amount loaned. APR rates tend to vary from 216.91% to 460.16%. We suggest talking to a representative from MoneyTree for exact numbers.

Non-Payment and Late Payment Information at MoneyTree

Non-payment will result in a late fee of $10 or 5% of the outstanding balance. MoneyTree does have a grace period, but once that is up, they will start to charge you if you don’t pay.

They also send your payment history to credit agencies, and it will drop your score. In the worst-case scenario, you could be charged with theft. However, this rarely happens unless you don’t pay any of the loans.

A few other fees will occur when you borrow money from MoneyTree. There is a 45% annual interest that occurs each year for the loan not being paid off. Additionally, you will have to set up an origination fee of 20% per every $500 loaned. After that, it reduces to an extra 7.5%.

As you can see, borrowing from MoneyTree is only a good thing if you can quickly pay off your loans. The longer you wait to pay off your advance, the more interest you will end up occurring on loan.

Is MoneyTree a Good Company?

Yes, MoneyTree has been operating for years. According to the Better Business Bureau, MoneyTree has been helping its customers. There are some complaints filed, but none of them are for scams.

How To Apply For a Loan at MoneyTree

Getting a MoneyTree is quite simple. There are only four steps involved with signing up. First of all, you will need to fill out an online application or head to a store. After that, you need to upload all documents to verify your income, identity, etc.

After that, you will be denied or approved for a loan. The approval usually happens within 24 hours of signing up. Once your amount is approved, you can read over the loan terms and agreements. Lastly, you can expect the cash to be deposited in your account or have it handed to you at a MoneyTree location.

What’s Required to Get a Loan From MoneyTree

MoneyTree does have some loan requirements. Similar to other states, you must be at least 18 years of age to get approved. You also must be a US citizen. The additional information you may need are listed down below:

  • Verifiable income – you must provide documentation that you have a steady income. If not, you should ask a MoneyTree representative if you can get a title loan and use your car as collateral.
  • Contact Details – all contact information must be recent. You will need to provide a valid email address, phone number, and physical mailing address.
  • Social Security Number – as a citizen, you should be able to give them your SSN. If you don’t have your SSN, you will not be able to get a loan. Sometimes people can feel uncomfortable putting their SSN into online forms. Alternatively, you can head to a MoneyTree store and sign up in-person.
  • Valid Checking Account – you will need a checking account that has payment histories on it. Bringing your checkbook can ensure that you have all the correct numbers.
Advantages of MoneyTree Loans
  • Fast Approval ;
  • Multiple Loan Types ;
  • Payment Reminders ;
Disadvantages of MoneyTree Loans
  • High APR Rates ;
  • Reports of Scams;
  • Limited Loans ;

The eligible States to Get Approved for a MoneyTree Loan

The company is only eligible to provide loans in individual states. The states eligible for loans are as followed; California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, and Washington State.

Some loans aren’t available in all states. So, you may not be able to get a title or installment loan. The best method to gauge what you can get is to ask a MoneyTree representative through their customer support page.

How to Register for a Loan Online at MoneyTree

We can not stress enough how important it is to provide documentation of all the requirements. If you do not upload documents, there is a big chance that your loan request will get denied. Valid documents include your proof of income, identity, valid contact information, and residency.

How to Register for a Loan In-Person

In-store walk-ins are generally preferred by people who aren’t tech-savvy. If you don’t feel comfortable inputting your personal information into an online form, bring documents with you, and sit down with a MoneyTree representative.

They will do their best to get you a quote on your loan amount and get you approved. If you don’t have all the valid documentation with you, you will not be able to get a loan. If you don’t have a steady income, see if they can use the deed to your car.

Contact Information for MoneyTree Customer Service/Representatives

MoneyTree operates all seven days a week for customer service. Their hours are posted in Pacific Standard Time. However, their physical store locations may have varying operating hours. They operate from 6 am until 7 pm every day. To contact them, call them at this number; 1-877-613-6669

You will be prompted to ask if you are calling about general questions or if you would like to speak to a representative about your loan or returned checks. From there, you will be guided by the company.

Please be aware that a representative will only contact you from their main phone number or email. If they ask you to provide any payments through gift cards or ask for personal information over the phone, it is generally a scam.


MoneyTree is an excellent store for walk-ins. Most of their representatives work promptly to get you in and out of the store quickly. They will do their best to get you a maximum loan by looking at your income. If you don’t have verifiable income, ask them about bringing in your car title or ask for an installment loan.

Overall, we believe that they are a good option for those looking for quick approvals. Their website is a bit confusing, so we recommend walking in. The only downside we’ve been able to pinpoint is their upfront fees and high-interest rates. It varies by state, so sometimes it can be hard to determine the exact APR rate. However, if it’s anything over 350%, you can find a better loan for a lower APR.

The only other warning we have about the company is not to miss any payments. They charge late fees, and this can add on to your total loan amount. If you miss a few payments, you can expect to see a 5% increase each time you miss. If this keeps happening, you could potentially put your credit at risk. Plus, they will send your information to collections, and you will have to deal with those charges.

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