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NetCredit Loans provides quick loans for people in need of quick cash. Their loans have decent APR rates and, in our opinion, some of the best we’ve come across. Their loan terms are reasonable, plus repayment times are much longer. This gives people more time to get the money together and is an excellent alternative to payday loans.

Getting a loan is always a tricky subject because you want to get the best rates. NetCredit is ideal for those looking for emergency money for several different situations. If you’re moving, need to pay bills, or just need some extra cash for projects, they are the best lender you can go with.

People who have either high or low credit shouldn’t use NetCredit. Instead, they should focus on finding better deals. This company is best suitable for those needing extra money for projects or bills with fair credit. But, we want to see if NetCredit Loans is ideal for you. So, here’s an overview of the company.

Personal Loans

NetCredit provides personal loans that you can pay back over some time. Each individual person and state will have its own regulations on APR rates and repayment schedules. If you’re looking for a large personal loan, NetCredit is a decent contender.

The loans offered by NetCredit have very flexible terms. These terms vary by state, but you can negotiate the repayment schedule. Most repayment schedules range from six to sixty months. Overall, this is good for people with non-traditional credit scores who may be skipped over by other lenders.

Lines of Credit

Another type of loan that they provide is credit lines. These are much smaller than personal loans but are a good option for short-term emergencies. If you’re looking for a fast way to get cash for bills, rent, or living expenses, this is the best way to go.

Additionally, this is the best method to raise your credit score. By making each payment, you can raise your credit score a fair amount. However, if you miss any payments, you may see a dip in your credit score. We only see this being a viable option for people who have secured income and who can make all repayment dates. That being said, the flexible terms help ensure that you’ll be able to find loan terms that work for your income.

How Borrowing From Netcredit Loans Work

Applying to a loan from NetCredit credits basic information. The company will need to check your eligibility before they can approve you for a loan. After filling out their online form, you can see if you’re eligible. Their personal loan will be updated online after you apply.

From there, click on the button that says “Modify Loan Details” if the fixed repayment schedule isn’t to your liking. If you need to change your schedule, modify, and wait for a reply.

You can use their intuitive loan slider to select your ideal loan amount. From there, you can choose the repayment schedule that fits with your lifestyle. Lower payments over a more extended period will be useful for those who don’t make higher incomes. However, it will have a buildup of interest rates.

Lastly, if you’re approved or applying for a line of credit, you will receive an offer for the highest amount. You can choose to select the “request a cash advance” and select the amount you wish to receive. This allows you to choose a credit limit for yourself.

Maximum Amount You Can Borrow From NetCredit

NetCredit has multiple locations, which all have their own limits. However, their website lists their maximum amounts for loans. For a personal advance, you can expect to get up to $10,000.

Although we don’t recommend that people apply for a large loan unless they know they can pay it back. The company has very low APR rates, but the interest can add up over time. We suggest their personal loans for bigger projects if you have the funds.

On the other hand, you can qualify for a small loan of a credit line. These credit lines can go up to $3,500. The credit line is ideal for those with smaller projects or emergencies.

What Are The NetCredit Loans Payday Loans Rates & Fees?

NetCredit Loans do have a few fees and varying APR rates. The APR rates vary by state, which means we can’t give you exact numbers. You will have to get a consultation or quote from a representative to get an accurate reflection of the rates. The general range of the APR rates is anywhere from 36-65%.

Aside from that, the company does include an origination fee. Origination fees are an extra payment for processing the loans. Their origination fee also varies by state. For a general number, this is usually between 1-5% of the total loan cost.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay or Have Late NetCredit Loans?

In the case of nonpayment or late fees, you will be charged extra while for late fees, you will get charged an extra 10-15%. On the other hand, nonpayment can lead to several problems. You could get charged additional fees for your loan.

In any case, you should always notify your lenders if you can’t make a payment. Their representatives can help consult you on the best method of active to avoid extra fees. Overall, their late payments aren’t bad, but you should still avoid them.

Is NetCredit Loans A Legit Loan Company?

Yes, NetCredit Loans is a legitimate company that provides helpful services. For people with low or fair credit, the company is ideal. However, they do take nonpayment seriously. If you want to avoid any conflict or changes to your credit score, you will want to make each repayment.

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Borrower requirements
  • Age 18years or older
  • Have regular income
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid bank account
Obtaining methods
  • Bank account
  • Credit or Debit card
issued loans
satisfied customers
instant approval
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Getting Personal Loans From NetCredit Loans

Applying to your advance is relatively easy. To do so, you will need to fill out an application online. To see how much you can borrow from NetCredit, you will need to fill out their secure application first. After that, they will quote you on an offer.

If you like the offer, you can agree to the terms. If not, you will be presented with the option to change available amounts and terms until you find something reasonable to you. Once approved and you eSign the terms, you will be approved. The requested funds will be deposited within 24 hours of your approval.

NetCredit Loans Loan Requirements Explained

To check if you are eligible, you should create an application online. You will then be able to use one of their tools to see if you’re eligible for a loan. This prevents you from having to create a hard inquiry on your credit report. Aside from that, you can use the “Check Your Eligibility” button on their main website.

To qualify for a loan, you will need to provide precise information. This includes your name, date of birth, and the amount you’d like to request to borrow. You must be over the age of 18, have a valid checking account, and active email address. Plus, you will need to verify that you have a stable income.

Besides that, you will be asked about the loan purpose and whether you rent or own your home. You will also be asked for your contact information.

NetCredit will then do a soft credit check, which doesn’t affect your credit score. If approved, you will then need to finish your online application by providing a bit more details.

These details will be the purpose of the loan, employment and income verification, and your full address. Aside from that, you will need to provide your previous address, social security number, and the ideal amount you’d like to request. Lastly, they will ask you the perfect repayment terms you’d like.

States Where NetCredit Loans Does Offer Loans

Sadly, NetCredit doesn’t operate in all states. It does have a bigger pool compared to other companies. The states in which you can get a loan are the following; AL, DE, GA, CA, IL, ID, NM, MO, SC, ND, SD, WY, UT, and VA.

You will need to check for a different loan company if you are not located within the following states. The best way to determine if you’re eligible is to contact the company directly. Their representatives can give you an idea of if you qualify or not.

Advantages of NetCredit Loans
  • Accepting people with bad credit;
  • Quick approve;
  • Funding within three days;
  • No prepayment fees;
  • APR rates are relatively low;
Disadvantages of NetCredit Loans
  • Long repayment schedules;
  • Late fees for nonpayment or late payment;
  • Operating in 14 states;

What Do You Need To Get A Payday Loan Online?

To get a loan online, you will have to check your eligibility on their main website. As long as you follow the above-listed steps, you can get a statement from them. Applying online is hassle-free and only takes a few minutes.

Once you get approved, it may take another 20 minutes to provide additional information. They usually get back to applications within 1-2 business days. After approval of terms, you can eSign a loan online. They will give you terms on repayment, and then you will get the funds deposited within 24 hours into your valid checking account.

What Do You Need To Get A Payday Loan In-Store?

Unfortunately, NetCredit does not have any physical stores. They mainly function online due to covering a large number of states. However, their whole process is hassle-free, and you can contact a representative to give you more information on the terms of the advance.

What Time Does NetCredit Loans Open & Close?

NetCredit functions on CT (central standard time). Their company is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm. They are also open on weekends from 9 am to 5:30 pm.

If you need to contact them, their contact phone numbers are:

  • Customer support – 1-877-392-2014
  • Loan processing – 1-877-392-2015
  • Collections – 1-877-392-2016

Their email contacts are the following:

The Payment address that you can send checks to is:

  • NetCredit
  • P.O. Box 206766
  • Dallas, TX 75320-6766

Their mailing address for letters to support or the company:

  • Customer support team
  • NetCredit
  • 175 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 1000
  • Chicago, IL 60604


NetCredit Loans is a good company if you’re looking to get large amounts. The only issue is that you could potentially be paying a lot of interest on the loans for repayment. However, if you have bigger projects that require a lot of money, such as home loans, they may be worth it.

Overall, the company itself has one of the best customer supports we’ve seen. All representatives do their best to negotiate the terms of your contract before you sign. You can request different terms if the ones they give you aren’t ideal. NetCredit Loans is unique in the fact that you can get that kind of approval.

Lastly, the terms of the loan and amount you can get may vary by state. To get the best flexible terms on your advance, you should check your eligibility and contact the company. Other than that, we only recommend this to people taking out loans more than $1,000 at a minimum.

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